Campaign Illustration UI/UX September 1, 2020


On The Table BC (2020)

This was the third year running of a widely successful campaign which started in 2018. On the Table BC is a simple yet powerful idea: a call to action to gather friends, neighbors, coworkers, or strangers, and share conversation over food.

Rather than host a single event, we opted to create a platform that encouraged and supported people to organize gatherings of their own. The format of the initiative was straightforward; pick a food to be served, whether it’s a simple snack, a homemade dinner, or even a potluck, and a topic of discussion. From there, we asked a simple question that ignited thousands of conversations across British Columbia; ”What’s on your mind?”

Considering 2020 was the year of a pandemic, the conversation shifted to online spaces keeping to the same theme. A new website interface was designed to encompass all the resources, and a toolkit was mailed to people who signed up.

Please visit the website to explore this project in its full context, since online is where its at!

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Social Campaign

  • Design

    Brand Design, Engagement, Strategy, Research, Tagline, Logo, Graphics, UI/UX

  • Client

    Vancouver Foundation

Open Project

A Brand for Everyone.

A subtle and considered alignment with Vancouver Foundation’s own brand ensured the platform was neutral for any organization or individual to engage with. “Inspirational, casual and fun” were key attributes of the brand to draw public attention and interest.

Engagement Resources

The fuel needed to spark collective conversation.

On the Table created opportunities to bring together community members from all walks of life, resulting in expanded networks and supportive environments that created a sense of belonging for many.

Visit ‘How to Host’ for an in depth experience of the UX/UI and the resources.

A number of survey respondents shared that tangible follow up plans sprung from their On the Table event. The conversation ignited action and inspired next steps for many – a ripple effect we hope will continue to carry the conversation forward long after the tables have been cleared.

Said it connected them to new people

Hosted events


Online Connections