Campaign Illustration April 1, 2021



Gastown is an area in Vancouver, BC. The campaign name and the development of a branded community engagement platform for the Gastown Business Improvement Society (GBIS) was created with a goal to deepen its relationship with its members and broader community, helping shape the decisions and design that affect the places they live and work.

For a campaign launched in the month of April, the fresh and optimistic color palette was created to align with the feeling in the air of freedom and a design to claim public spaces, a post pandemic era.

The custom crow illustrations, inspired by the sightings of the local city ‘fauna’, brought personality and authentic charm to a neighborhood that prides itself on uniqueness and quality design.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Social Campaign

  • Design

    Brand Design, Engagement Strategy, Naming & Tagline, Logo, Graphics, Envrionmental Graphics

  • Client

    Gastown Business Improvement Society (GBIS)

Open Project

Making a presence to connect with the community.

Curation of creatives who live/work in Gastown participated as campaign ambassadors by sharing their own visions of the neighborhood through sketches and stories. Those depictions were displayed as an open exhibit on the streets of Gastown.

Visual Engagement

Stylish visual graphics
on any media.

In addition to digital engagement, local businesses and public spaces were customized with branded treatments to further create awareness of the opportunities for public input on the future of a much-loved community.

The #GastownTomorrow campaign was so successful that the GBIS decided to integrate the brand within their main brand and ongoing efforts to connect with the community on public realm and design-related topics, with the potential of mounting a Gastown Tomorrow community forum for ongoing dialogue.

  • Total reach: 266,568
  • Comments received/shared: 434 (+19.56%)
  • New ideas shared in comments: 211
  • Website pageviews: 1,372
  • 196 QR code scans
  • 81 people took 30 minutes to complete the survey
Campaign Design Reach

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