Branding November 10, 2016


Anjali is a voluntary organization founded in 1989 to cater free or affordable services to underprivileged rural Gujarati communities. A broad range of activities that Anjali carries out from its campus in Ranasan include healthcare, education, women’s empowerment, children & youth development and overall rural development in Sabarkantha and Aravalli districts of Gujarat.

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Open Project
The Identity

A warm welcoming community.

The Branding is bold and confident, yet warm, friendly and inviting – the essence of the brand. The colour palette is full of vibrancy and energy, just like the communities it represents.

‘Anjali’ means ‘offering’. The mark was inspired by the local ‘marigold’ flower which is commonly used around households for celebrations.


Healing and Empowerment.

The rebrand was driven by Anjali’s commitment to healthcare and empowerment as a fundamental human right.

The design stays true to the grassroots movement, being approachable by people from all walks of life.