About My Practice

Creating visual stories,
designed & developed
to make valuable
information portraits & data experiences.


About Me

Hello! My name is Prachi Modi. I grew up in Gujarat, India surrounded by love for architecture and design from an early age. My first real steps towards the design world were studying Communication Design (BDES). In 2010, an internship with Bruno Monguzzi in Switzerland changed my life and made me more receptive and curious about how every little thing can impact the design world.

Since then, I continued my education in Media and Information Design at Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands and Luca School of Arts (MFA) in Brussels, Belgium. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing studios in Mumbai and Vancouver. Most recently, working at Cause & Affect in Vancouver, Canada has been the most influential in defining my work process, embracing my love for illustrating, and using design for social good. I recently moved back to Paris, France.


Creative skills with art & technologies.


Graphic + Layout Design &
Print Production

Creating or developing a brand using the unique aspects of the organization and to resonate with the audiences.

The process of developing an Identity in continuation or as a stand alone piece from end to end.


Information Design

Everything (everyone!) is a data set of information. A unique culmination of thoughts, events and ideas accumulated till that point, with a surprisingly always very unique narrative.

Collecting this data with some extensive research, dissecting it the right way and asking the right questions can create an engagement that connects with the audience.



Creating visual stories has always been my strong suit. I love telling stories and illustrating has been long my passion.

It am delighted when my passion matches the needs of a project.


Marketing Campaigns & Brand Strategy

Creating design processes by looking at the larger picture. To initiate and mediate dialogues and thought processes, to study and rethink multiple voices and meanings with a fresh outlook and an open mind to create a coherent message and a plan of action.

Awards & Honors


An article on project ‘No Game’ featured in the Flanders DC magazine.

Work and profile piece printed in a newspaper in Gujarat, India.

The ‘On the Table’ brand work recognized with an International Design Award for the brand by RGD Social Good Design Awards.

Project ‘Alternative reality notes’ exhibited in Amsterdam, Netherlands.